The process of Electrocoagulation to clean fluids has been proven to be undeniably effective. However, traditional EC equipment has been hampered by a number of constraints that significantly limit these systems economic viability.
  1. The excessive power requirements are both inefficient and costly.
  2. A limited anode and cathode life span results in increased expense.
  3. The downtime and expense to constantly clean and remove buildup from the unit’s internals.
  4. Traditional EC equipment has a massive footprint requiring significant space for deployment.
Therefore the resulting reputation of traditional EC equipment has been: “It’s too big, too time consuming, too tedious, and too expensive”. MWCI and our Arc Chamber technology has solved all of these constraints.
  • Incredibly low power consumption. (Its inexpensive to run.)
  • Proprietary technology that runs practically maintenance free (no operational cleaning required.) all while extending anode and cathode life by over 1200%.
  • Small footprint, 2 units can fit side by side on a single 14′ trailer.
  • Scalable, a single one of our series 2 Arc Chamber models shown above can process up to 450 gallons/minute. And multiple units can be deployed in parallel for larger processing volumes.
  • Adaptable to process a wide variety of fluids in multiple industries to achieve the specific parameters our customers require.
  • Due to the advancements made by Arc Chamber technology we have significantly reduced operational costs resulting in an effective and affordable solution for your fluid cleaning needs.
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With a single pass through the Arc Chamber we processed both produced and flowback water effectively removing 98% of hydrocarbons and contaminants exceeding the necessary standards set by the department of freshwater fisheries for direct disposal to lakes and rivers.

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