Committed to a
Clearer Tomorrow

highly effective, low energy, fluid treatment solutions:

"The idea is to create a safe, cost-effective way to clean and recycle water and fluids without the use of chemicals or wasteful byproducts."
N. Clemons
Founder & CEO
  • Low Electrical Energy Consumption
  • Scalable
  • Portable
  • Small Area Footprint
  • Minimal Maintenance and Service

With the help of our invaluable partnership with Built By FHE, we at MWCI are proud to unveil our new ARC Unit 2.0. The new design features four “Torpedo” vessels instead of our original design with 1 large vessel. This new and improved design has increased throughput by 400%!

The new four stack unit design allows us more flexibility with volumes for every customers specific needs. Our valve system allows the ARC unit to treat fluids at 450gpm or treat fluids multiple times with each torpedo if the fluid is particularly difficult.

Our dedicated team of inventors, engineers, industry experts and business professionals represent the very people who developed this technology in the hope of creating a better world one drop at a time.

Committed to a Clearer Tomorrow