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We provide a low power consumption, low maintenance system that uses no chemicals and no filters while successfully providing smell and microbiological reduction including paraphin, chlorides and H2S.

What is the Arc Chamber?

The Arc Chamber is a broad spectrum, versatile electrocoagulation fluid treatment technology designed to reduce, and remove, total suspended solids (TSS), hydrocarbons, heavy metals, microbiological organisms, bacteria, H2S, odor, emulsified oils and other contaminants from water and water-based substances as well as a wide array of drilling and oil and gas fluid types.

The Arc Chamber utilizes proprietary technology to achieve these results:

  • Operates at an extremely low power consumption
  • Without the use of chemicals
  • Without the use and hinderance of filters
  • Within the parameters of maximizing affordability and sustainability.

Oil and Gas Energy Sector


Industrial and Commercial

How does the Arc Chamber work?

As water passes through the Arc Chamber multiple simultaneous reactions occur.

Initially metal ions spike through the water, upon the surface of our proprietary technology water is hydrolyzed into hydrogen gas and hydroxyl groups. Simultaneously the surface charges of the emulsified oils and suspended solids are destabilized by free-flowing electrons.

The destabilized materials form colloidal particles including dissolved solids, heavy metals, suspended solids and other contaminants, the colloidal particles then stick together to form heavy flocculated particles making them easily separated.

At conclusion the flocs are removed from the water downstream via simple settling or optional filtration processes. The demulsified oils are separated out through the surface for recapture providing potential profit.

Our dedicated team of engineers, industry experts and business professionals represent the very people who developed this technology in the hope of creating a better world one drop at a time.

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